Silver Small Gunmoney Shilling May 1690


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James II 1685-1691, Irish Gunmoney Small Shilling 1690 May in Silver.  S.6582DDD; KM.100a., Withers 19/15;  4.44g., 23 mm., script May., Edge slant grained rt., Medal orientation.  Laureate Head of James II l.  Legend reads clockwise inward around beginning at bottom l., IACOBVS . II .   DEI . GRATIA.  Rev. XII, for 12 pennies, over crowned sceptres, dividing  J   R to sides.  Date 1690 above all.  Script May below in field.  Around, beginning at top right clockwise, reading inward, . MAG . BR . FRA . ET . HIB . REX.

At 4.44 g., this is over half a gram heavier than Mr. Pittman\’s identical die silver proof small silver shilling of May 1690, which weighed 3.83 g.  The Pittman piece,  I graded about mint state, and in comparing the 2 coins, I like this one ever so slightly for grade, and much better for weight.  The Pittman coin I sold for $3900, some 22 years ago.

Close to mint state with underlying luster.  Withers notes 11 known of this die pairing, in silver, including this,  and one known in gold.  No brass strikings known of this coin.  Rare.  $5500.

Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823