Lye Worcestershire J. Forrest & Co. Forge 1811 Copper Penny Token ex Cokayne Collection


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United Kingdom, Lye, Co. WorcestershireJ. Forrest & Company, Lye Forge  1811 Copper Penny Token.  19.16 g.; 34 mm.; edge grained left \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\; medal orientation.  Withers 856; Davis 10.  PAYABLE BY J FORREST & Co Lye FORGE . * . around palm and olive branches.  No H on palm blade; no berries on the olive branch.  Rx. NAIL & TRACE MANUFACTORY bare-headed draped bust of George III left, 1811 below.  No H on the truncation; the tops of 1s in the date are flat.

Good Extremely Fine, w excellent light tan surfaces w traces of luster in the interstices of the lettters.  Fully struck and well preserved.  Scarce.  $160.

Ex Francis B. Cokayne Collection w his ticket having purchased from the W. Norman Collection, Sotheby, 27 June 1905, Lot 259 part, paying 22 shillings for the lot of 3 pieces.

Category: Irish & World Tokens
Catalogue Number: Withers 856; Davis 10
Date: 1811
Denomination: Copper Penny Token
Grade: Good Extremely Fine
Pedigree: ex Francis Cokayne collection w ticket
Weight: 19.16 g.; 34 mm