Irish 1737 Brass Coin Weight for Dobra of 8 Escudos


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Proclamation of 1737, Brass Coin Weight of Ireland for Dobra of 8 Escudos.  28.68 g., 26.5 mm.  Withers  2711.   :THE.STANDARD. OF. IRELAND, harp, D G at sides, 18:10 1/2 below.  Legend begins above harp, and ends w D over maiden’s head.  Harp touches the 8 and the second 1 of weight.  The same die as W.2727.  Rx. ANNO. GEORGI. II. UNDECIMO; 1737 above.  The same die as W.2711b., and W.2712.

About Extremely Fine w some original luster.  All devices and legends well struck and readable, on excellent metal.  Light scoring for weight adjustment.  Scarce.  $120.
The identification of this piece and other Coin Weights of Ireland, makes indispensable use of numismatic legends, Paul and Bente Withers’s The Coin-Weights of IRELAND, 76 pps, quarto, card covers, all weights w clear color photos throughout, pub. 2019, Galata Press, Wales.  A revision, and collaborative work incorporating new discoveries and research from all the advanced collectors of the series, upgrading the Irish section of their previous work of 1993.  A new signed by both authors copy of this book is available for $40.
Category: Irish & World Tokens
Catalogue Number: W.2711
Date: Proclamation 1737
Denomination: Dobra of 8 Escudos, 18 dwt., 10.5 g.
Grade: About Extremely Fine
Ruler: George II, 1727-1760
Weight: Brass 28.68 g.; 26.5 mm.