Henry III S.6240 Ricard Coarse Silver Penny


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Henry III, 1216 – 1273.  Dublin mint coinage issued between Autumn 1251 and Jan 1254

S.6240; DF 57. 1.466 g., 18 mm. Coarser work.  Crowned head facing in single triangle, hENRI/CVSR/EXIII.  Cinquefoil to rt. of neck. Central pellets not joined to band of crown.  Rx. Voided cross w/3 pellets in each angle and central pellet on cross, RIC/ARD/OND/IVE about.

RICARD and DAVI appear on the coins.  Richard Bonaventure and David of Enfield worked in London and are believed to have sent their dies to Dublin for these coins.

Good Very Fine.  Showing slight wear but all devices and legends complete and boldly struck. Excellent original surfaces w traces of luster remaining w nice old tone.  $600.

ex Kunker DeWit Sale 3 Mar 2008 L.3322 w envelope

Category: Irish Hammer Coins
Catalogue Number: S.6240 Ricard; DF 57
Date: 1251 - 1254
Denomination: Silver Penny
Grade: Good Very Fine
Mint: Dublin
Pedigree: ex Kunker 3 Mar 2008, L.3322
Ruler: Henry III, 1216-1272
Weight: 1.445 g., 18 mm.