Circulated 1750 Halfpenny


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Ireland under George II, 1727-1760.  Young head coinage, 1736-1755, with large lettering, and a Roman V in GEORGIVS, 1747-1753.  A 1750 Halfpenny of 9 Strings, S.6607, 7.96 g., 28 mm., coin orientation, plain edge.  Laureate bust left of the young George II left, legend around GEORGIVS .    II . R E X ., with the pellets near middle height.  Very short ribbons distant from X.  Rev. crowned harp of 9 strings divides date at bottom 17  50, with H I B E R N I A . around at top.   Top of crown to just rt. and above midpoint between E and R.
Good Fine with medium brown surfaces and some old tooling on the harp.  A scarce date.  $90.

Ex Spink 27 June 2007, L.362 p.
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6607
Date: 1750
Denomination: Halfpenny
Grade: Good Fine w/some old tooling
Pedigree: ex Spink 27 June 2007, L.362p
Ruler: George II, 1727-1760
Weight: 7.96 g., 28 mm