Balbinus Sestertius


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Balbinus,  238 A.D., AE Sestertius26.07 g., 30 mm.  Obv. Laureate draped cuirassed bust right, around IMP CAES D CAEL BALBINVS AVG.   Rev. CONCORDIA AVGG around, SC in exergue, Concordia seated to left, holding patera and double cornucopiae,  S.8494, RIC 22; C.4, BMC 18.

Good fine and rare on heavy flan.  $700.

ex Baldwins London 26 Oct 1979

Category: Ancient Greek
Catalogue Number: RIC 22; Sear 8494; C.4; BMC 18
Date: 238 AD
Denomination: AE Sestertius
Grade: Good Fine
Mint: Rome
Pedigree: ex Baldwins Oct 1979
Ruler: Balbinus
Weight: 26.07 g., 30 mm.