1685 Halfpenny of 14 Strings


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Ireland under James II, 1685-1691.  A 1685 Halfpenny of 14 StringsS.6576; KM.92, 6.90 g., 27 mm., medal orientation, edge grained right.  Laureate bust of James II left, legend around IACOBVS . II .    DEI . GRATIA, with the pellets slightly above ground level.    Rev. crowned harp of 14 strings divides date, 16  85.  Legend around, MAG.BR.FRA.ET.HIB.REX, with pellets slightly above the line drawn connecting the bottoms of the letters in the legend.  X just past middle of 1; 8 and 5 clear harp equally.  Point of harp touches inside first seraph of A.
Very Fine, good flan, strike, and surfaces.  1685 is a scarcer date than 1686.  $500.
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6576; KM.92
Date: 1685
Denomination: Copper Halfpenny
Grade: Good Very Fine
Ruler: James II, 1685-1691
Weight: 6.90 g.; 27 mm