1681 Halfpenny Large Letters 11.5 String ex Dudley Westrop


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Ireland under Charles II, 1645-1685.  Armstrong and Legge\\\\’s Regal Coinage of 1680-1684.  A 1681 HalfpennyS.6574, KM.90.1, 8.23g., 28 mm., medal orientation, edge a bit crudely grained.   Laureate and draped bust rt. of Charles II, medium lettered legend around CAROLVS.I.I.    DEI.GRATIA  Rev. crowned harp of 11 and a half strings divides date 16  81, medium lettered legend around  MAG.BR.FRA.ET.HIB.REX, with pellets in legends at mid level.   X clear and below first 1;  8 just clear of harp,
Near Very Fine with good copper and a heavy flan.  $225.

Ex Dudley Westrop, the keeper of the coins for the Dublin Museum in  1916, Sale 22 April 2005, L.81p.

Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6574; KM.90.1
Date: 1681
Denomination: Copper Halfpenny
Grade: Near Very Fine
Pedigree: ex Dudley Westrop
Ruler: Charles II, 1645-1685
Weight: 8.23g, 28mm