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Expert Appraisals


I provide expert appraisals and recommendations for insurance, estate settlement and liquidation, divorce, retirement, and the transfer of wealth between generations.

I Buy All Coins & Estates

Coin Estates

I purchase all specialized Irish and World and U.S. collections, including paper money, gold, tokens, single rarities and hoards, advanced collections of Irish coppers, Medieval Irish coins, Siege Money, Gun Money, Uncirculated Irish Free State collections and single rarities, unc and circ bags of Irish coins, modern Irish Proof Coins, and numismatic libraries.

If you have spent time putting together a serious collection, or have inherited a valuable collection, and want to liquidate for what it is worth, you will do well to deal with me, in whatever part of the world you reside. I have the contacts and customers to place not just Irish and U.S. material, but also better Ancient Greek and Roman type coins, hoards, and better world collections.

There are many advantages to selling direct to me, namely knowing what and how you will be paid, and hopefully having the assurance that you have received fair value for your materials.

I Fill Want Lists


Many Irish coins are rarer than their collectors. And some collectors are rarer than the coins they are seeking. I enjoy offering my customers many truly exciting coins, and I enjoy the many friendships that have developed over the years, in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. Every year this gets more fun. I fill Irish Wantlists, especially Rare and Uncirculated and Better Grade material. I have a home for it. I have been told I have a great eye. I have had great teachers. If you collect Irish coins you will eventually find me. So welcome.

I Stock Bulk Quantities Of Irish Coins

Irish Coins

Circulated and uncirculated, for all kinds of purposes, including educational forums, celebrations, birth year and anniversary sets, and jewellery manufacture.

I Provide Auction Representation


This is especially valuable once your collection becomes advanced, and you are looking for rarer items that are being sought by other collectors. I provide auction representation in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, New York, and the European mainland. This involves viewing, and buying on your behalf, without overpaying. It is particularly valuable when major collections are being sold.

Canal Zone Stamps and Covers


I used to collect these and had a fairly good collection, but sold, and still have a few items, and still have the interest. I recently bought a few better items from Richard Salz’s collection. Dick Salz was, for a long time the President of the Canal Zone Study Group, and had some very interesting materials. Much of it is being listed on this site.

I Buy Foreign Exchange

Foreign Currency

If you have leftover coins or paper money from your travels, I buy that. If you have a coin shop or are a dealer, and have quantities of redeemable foreign coins and paper money, I buy that on an ongoing basis.

Numismatic Research & Design


I have an ongoing interest in Irish and Ancient coin design, and in the historical, artistic, and economic perspectives surrounding the issuance of coins. From ancient times the issuance of coins has coincided with changes in political and cultural leadership. The quantities issued have been a reflection of the economic viability, and of the relationships between various groups of people. I am especially interested in identifying new or overlooked varieties, and issuances. I have been a speaker on various aspects of Irish Coin Design at various numismatic forums, in London, the U.S., Australia, and Ireland.

Counterfeit Detection & Verification Of Authenticity


I have an ongoing interest in sharing numismatic research and knowledge within the numismatic fraternity to identify counterfeits. I find this is done best by understanding the nature of the true item. Everything about truth is true, no matter how closely, or from what perspective, it is examined. Many of the numismatic organizations to which I belong share this purpose in their founding.

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