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Edward IV Light Cross & Pellets Silver Groat

ID Number: 87
Category: Irish Hammered Coins
Catalogue Number: S.6334; DF 134
Grade: pleasing Very Fine
Weight: 2.10 g., 25 mm.
Date: c.1473 - c.1478
Mint: Dublin
Denomination: 4 Penny Silver Groat
Pedigree: ex Kunker Mar 2010, L.414
Ruler: Edward IV, 1461-1483
Price: $1650.
Additional Details
Edward IV, 1461 - 1483.  The Light Cross and Pellets coinage of 1472 to c.1478.

S.6334; DF 134, 2.10 g., 25 mm.  A 4 Penny Silver Groat, having annulets to either side of the neck above the shoulders, and 2 more above (the one on the upper rt. prominent, the one on the upper left not so prominent) in the spandels of the 9 arc tressure.  A fully struck prominent G, for mintmaster Germyn Lynch, on the Kings breast. 

Obv. legend reads xEDWARDVS.DEI GRA,xDNXx[HIBER]NIE around.  Rx long cross w/3 pellets in the 2nd and 3rd angles and two pellets and a  cinquefoil in the 1st and 4th quadrants, CIVI/TAS/DVBL/INIE about in middle band, and POSVI/DEVMA/DIVTORE/MEVM (Psm. 54:4 I have made the Lord mine helper, around in outer band. 

Good Very Fine. Excellent original surfaces and deep uniform strike.  Near full flan with old tone.  All legends discernable except HIBER, as noted above.  Some clipping, not previously noted, taking the tops of some of the outer reverse legend letters, though they can still be made out.  $1650.

ex Kunker 8 Mar 2010 L.414 w envelope 
Both sides
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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