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Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV - Henry VII, 5th ed.

ID Number: 5733
Category: Numismatic Literature
Catalogue Number: Irish Hammered Pennies of Ed IV - Hen VII, 5th ed., by Jasper Burns
Grade: new and signed by the author
Date: 2017 Pietas Publications
Denomination: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: $30. postpaid
Additional Details
Jasper Burns, Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV - Henry VII, Fifth and Final Edition.  Pietas Publications 2017.  Jasper Burns, Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV and Richard III.  Pietas Publications 2009.  Purple colored card covers, i, 132 pp.  Photos and line drawings and tables throughout.  Dublin Irish medieval silver researcher and scholar, John Stafford-Langan, contributed extensively to this important work on the medieval Irish small silver issues, as did others.

An essential reference for identification of the small medieval silver of Ireland.  Includes rarity.  Especially useful for distinguishing Richard III pieces.

$30.  postpaid.

John Stafford-Langan...

An illustrated guide to the known Irish hammered pennies minted under the English kings Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, and Henry VII.  This book includes a quick index to coin markings, a detailed chronology, and over 100 illustrations.

The Fifth Edition presents new design types and mint issues - including a possible new type for Richard III - and summarizes a chronology for the series proposed by Oisin MacConamhna.

Jasper Burns is the author of many articles about ancient coins as well as more than thirty books, including Coin Stories (Pietas), Great Women of Imperial Rome (Routledge), Bulla Felix: The Roman Robin Hood (Pietas), and Fossil Collecting in the Mid-Atlantic States (Johns Hopkins University Press).

"I consider that you have individually tackled a task that most collectors of Irish coins have avoided or been unable to tackle.  And the key to this was your identifying that many of these coins were languishing misidentified as English coins, and this combined with the development of the internet coin market...has meant that you have been able to assemble a lot of examples and have been able to start identifying them by the portraits and styles so that pieces with virtually no legends can now be properly identified as Irish."
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