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A 1766 Better Grade George III Halfpenny

ID Number: 5642
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6612
Grade: EF some luster
Weight: 8.70 g., 28 mm
Date: 1766
Denomination: Copper Halfpenny
Ruler: George III, 1760-1820
Price: $200. sold
Additional Details
Ireland under George III, 1760-1820.  Short laureate bust coinage with short long hair, 1766 and 1769.  A 1766 Halfpenny of 9 Strings, S.6612, 8.70 g., 28 mm., coin orientation, plain edge.  Short laureate bust rt. of George III with short hair, legend around GEORGIVS.   I I  I . R E X ., with a wider space between the 2nd I and the 3rd I, and with all 3 pellets near middle height.  The upper ribbon points to just past the upright of the E.  The lower ribbon to just past the rt side of the G.  Rev. crowned harp of 9 strings divides date at bottom 17  66, with H  I  B  E  R  N  I  A .  spaced around at the top. Top of crown to just left of the midpoint of the base line between the E and R.

1766 and 1769 are the most common dates for Irish halfpennies of the 18th century.  There are multiple contemporary counterfeits, many created, perhaps post contemporaneously, including some specifically for collectors.  Then there are multiple modern copies, which take advantage of collectors not familiar w the series, or not expecting counterfeits of the lower grades.

I'd like to point out a few things that are helpful, perhaps, to sort these issues...

The weight is substantial.  The I's are all punched using the same punch.  There are many anomalies about each specific punch.  For example, there is a slightly raised blob on the surface of the vertical staff of the I, just below the midpoint.  The bottom side of the top left seraph of the I, has a tiny triangular indent.  Once you start carefully looking at every letter, you will begin to notice other commonalities.  The right sides of the R's have a distinctive shape.  The bottom rt seraph of the left staff of the R is very thin before it gets quite thick.  The E's have a central cross bar that is ever so blundered on the end.  These commonalities are difficult to reproduce using any kind of casting process.  Original dies are near impossible to cut and give consideration to the minutiae of the originals.

One of the tells for originals is the use of the same punches for the letters common to both sides.  The present reverse has the ghost of a central die hub on the 6th string.  The beads on the upper caps of the crown, are regular, and cling tightly to the support.  The upper rt bead of the cross is ever so slightly detached.  The feathers of the wing have a style and shape that has derived from heavenly creations from the time of the Renaissance.  Study and understand what you are looking at, and see how individual parts create a whole.  The upper and lower bands of the crown form an integral part of the whole crowned device, that is completely in balance. 

Extremely Fine, w a bit of original luster.  $200.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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