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Red Book listed St. Pat Spelling Error w 1880 Pedigree

ID Number: 5639
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: St Patrick Spelling Error, Martin 4d1/Gg1
Grade: Fine - Very Fine
Weight: 5.83 g., 25 mm.
Date: before 1675
Denomination: Copper Farthing
Pedigree: ex George Gaviller acquirer before 1880
Ruler: King David
Price: $15K.
Additional Details
A St. Patrick spelling error farthing, the reverse plainly reading QVIESAT, missing the "C," instead of the usual QVIESCAT.  This word translates, "May the People be at ease."

5.83 g., 25 mm.  An exact matching die to Martin 4d.1-Gg.1, p. 355, the Red Book listed Spelling Error.  Martin's Census lists 12 pieces, the best being a VF25.  This piece, unknown to Martin, would be 3rd in the condition census, and finer than Griffee's.

The piece, while easily Very Fine for detail, exhibits a surface that may have been in the ground, while retaining ample remnants of the splasher.  The coin is free of bends, scratches, and discoloration, and comes w good crudely reeded rims.  The surfaces exhibit old pock marks, which remain baffling to me, as to exactly how they came about.  Nevertheless, the coin is genuine, in my opinion, and the opinion of Syd Martin, as the splasher has fullfilled its purpose and so attests.  The pedigree is prior to 1880.

This Spelling Error St. Pat 1/4 d was collected, and set aside, by George Gaviller,  in Victorian London, for being the known spelling error.  The piece was gifted, w the rest of his collection, to William Boyd in 1880, who sold to Baldwin's in 1905.  It was auctioned by Baldwins, 26 Sep 2005, L.1225, as an unphotographed lot, simply described, "...two St. Patrick farthing fine to very fine fine to very fine."  I was quite pleased no one noticed the spelling variety, during the viewing, or auction.  I sold it straight away for a handsome profit to a collector.  Reacquired privately a year ago.

The Red Book is helpful for pricing, listing VF at $20K, the VF25 having sold at $25K, and Fine at $10K.  This one is $15K.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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