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Dream Deal from Princess Kaiulani's Childhood

ID Number: 5291
Category: Princess Kaiulani Collection
Pedigree: ex Mrs. Gertrude Heydtruam, mistress to Princess Kaiulani, age 9 to 13
Price: $100K
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Dream Deal from Princess Kaiulani's childhood, died March, 1899, age 23.  Princess Kaiulani, "Hawaii's last hope", the princess that never became queen because of the controversial annexation by the United States, at the behest of sugar baron sons of missionaries.  Princess Kaiulani, "Child of Heaven", "I could never marry a man I did not love".  Two suitcases of photos, invites to royal banquets, marriages, funerals, inaugurations.  Princess K's signed childhood scrapbook, the unpublished and uncopied manuscript detailing Princess Kaiulani's childhood, with a 1931 letter of rejection from Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

Princess Kaiulani's signature is the rarest and most desirable of all the Hawaiian monarchy.  The handwritten and signed Princess K letter from when she was nine years old in 1885.  Appearing over 111 years after her death, following a recent documentary film about her life, and the reexamination of the issues of Hawaiian statehood and the role of the US in Hawaiian affairs.

Not only is much of the material collectible as stand alone items, but the unpublished manuscript and supporting materials, adds much original and fresh material and first person insight to the formative years and history of this time and this remarkable woman.  This collection represents a work in progress for someone, be they the scholar, film maker, author, or collector of Hawaiiana.  I bought this deal because I happened to be in Honolulu, immediately following Don Medcalf's fortuitous purchase from the heirs of Princess K's mistress.  I, as do many, identified with many of the themes of rejection, that Princess Kaiulani experienced so vividly in her short life.  And I recognized the potential for reward.  The material is here to make a profound and insiteful documentary film about Princess Kaiulani.  And the manuscript needs to be published, as a scholarly work, with extensive footnotes. 

If you are an author, however, and can get through the essential scholarly work, and research and preparation, there is the opportunity to catch the vision, risen from the dead.  That royal blood line can dance again under the banyan tree to Robert Louis Stevenson.  The stained glass window Princess Kaiulani chose to dedicate at the Christ Chruch Cathedral she attended as a child was that of the Resurrection.  And this deal awaits just that.

Ex Mrs. Gertrude Heydtruam, mistress to Princess Kaiulani, age 9 to 13, to her husband's heirs, to Don Medcalf, Hawaiian Coins and Stamps, Honolulu, to Del Parker intact.
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Princess Kaiulani Collection
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Princess Kaiulani Collection
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